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KOED: Corporate Presentation

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KOED Corporate Presentation

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KOED A/S is based in Denmark and one of Europe’s leading
independent BMW specialists in new and used parts.
The company was founded in 1993 with a primary focus on recycled parts for the BMW
E30 model, but quickly grew and evolved into supplying recycled parts for all BMW

Since the turn of the century, KOED has established a branch in Norway, expanded
via growth in export and completed the BMW business as they were approved as an
authorised BMW Service Partner in 2014.
Today, there are more than 25 passionate people working at KOED A/S, and they all
share a deep passion for the BMW brand and for servicing BMW owners!

Purpose & ambition

Koed is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of new, used and
reconditioned parts + accessories for BMW.
Our overall ambition and guiding star, is to make life easier for all BMW owners.
We work hard every day to increase the accessibility of high quality used BMW parts,
and thereby offer BMW owners a better alternative to 3rd party (aftermarket) parts.

Additionally, our staff has superior BMW model/parts knowledge, which enables us
to provide the customer with service and parts guidance that is second to none.
We have a constant focus on minimising the environmental impact through a market
leading direct re-use of most parts, and a minimal amount of energy used for recycling
the rest.


KOED’s recycling business is certified to the ISO14001:15 standard
The business processes at KOED follows the global environmental trends of
increased re-use and improved recycling of automotive parts, which we believe will
expand over the coming years.

We have developed agile business processes to ensure that we meet the future
demands for mandatory use of used parts. A good example is the new law in France,
which requires the use of used parts for insurance repairs; we see this as a big
opportunity for suppliers of used parts, and KOED has the processes in place to meet
the high requirements that follow.

KOED is market leading in regards to producing BMW parts for re-use over recycling, as
each car generates more than 50% parts for re-use in average.
All parts that are not re-used, are all sent for proper recycling or disposal
(according to the ISO14001:15 standard)

Our CSR policy focuses primarily on a reduced environmental impact by re-use and
recycling BMW parts, but also through seeking ”green” subcontractors and suppliers.
We believe that a strict focus on a reduced carbon footprint today will work as a
business benefit tomorrow.

Market position & expansion

Through expansion in an ever growing market, KOED has gained high value experience
regarding language, culture, BMW models, logistics etc.
According to extensive research through the last 15 years, KOED has a unique business
model on a very high level compared to other premium automotive recycling companies
in Northern Europe.

Through standardised processes in the used parts business, KOED is expanding to new
markets with quick time2market and high end-user quality.

Customer & Quality focus

KOED matches the current BMW new parts logistics and ensure the
same (or higher) delivery time and quality
KOED’s business models and the related processes ensures the highest
possible focus on parts quality and customer service
All used KOED parts come with a warranty identical to new parts in
any region, which gives the customers peace of mind


The current stock capacity at KOED is 5000 sq.m.
and another 7600 sq.m. is currently being prepared.
This substantial stock area ensures enough space for the growing
number of different parts.

KOED’s stock has the highest quality level of used
BMW parts in Northern Europe.
There is an ambition to have parts for new models
within max. 18 months from any model introduction.

Market, monitoring & sourcing

KOED continuously monitors the changes in laws and legislasion for the use and
distribution of used and recycled automotive parts.
KOED sources and buys cars for parts recycling from all the major suppliers and portals
(Autobid, CAR.tv, AutoOnline, Mobile etc.)
The wide selection of cars available through these channels and the long experience
KOED has with sourcing cars from them, ensures high quality.

Parts testing & identification

Every car goes through a meticulous testing procedure before disassembly, and all
parts are thoroughly examined and tested prior to registration and stocking.
This ensures a contant high standard for all parts in stock.
When searcing for a specific BMW part number, KOED’s database will show both new
and used parts in stock.

KOED’s extensive and detailed knowledge about all BMW parts is a huge advantage
when registering, stocking and selling re-used BMW parts.

Parts registration

All parts in KOED’s stock is registered and tagged 1:1 with identical new OE parts.
All KOED parts in the Updater® database is marked with a specific tag, stating the quality of
the part (important on used parts)
As a supplement to the 1:1 OE part number registration, KOED also adds a description to any
part, that is different from an identical new part, eg. a bumper with holes for PDC sensors,
colour, minor scratches etc.

This detailed parts knowledge benefits the customers, as they know exactly what they get.
When handling used parts, it is essential to know if and how any part differs from a new part.

Parts database & analysis

KOED has developed a proprietary and unique electronic parts
database for used parts (Updater®)
This database has been developed specifically to handle BMW parts and it integrates
with ETK.

Updater® gives KOED a complete overview of parts quantity, quality, flow, cost, age etc.
and enables KOED to make high-end analysis of any kind, producing valuable parts and
business knowledge.
Data from analysis makes it easy to plan car purchasing, i.e. it is based on hard facts
rather than assumptions.

This high level of parts data quality provides unique insight into the market demand,
and makes it easier to meet the demands of the parts distributors/sellers and not
least, the end-user.

Pricing & data sharing

All parts in the KOED stock system is priced according to any current BMW new parts
pricing as well as regional adjustments.
Used BMW parts from KOED always have a competitive price compared to new parts.
KOED supplies parts lists and data to workshops, dealerships, insurance companies
and others, who can benefit from regularly updated inventory and price lists.

These parts data list are supplied as real time data, and formats are adapted for each
recipients’ individual preference.
Recipients always have updated stock info from lists that fit their purpose.


KOED are very strong in core units for reconditioning – both in and out, as we have
long lasting business relations with leading reconditioning providers internationally.
Reconditioned units are becoming a strong alternative to new/used parts, and KOED
has the know-how and experience to handle this part of the market.
KOED meets and exceeds the highest standards for reconditioned units,
both in quality, handling, stocking and distribution.


A strict focus on parts quality, registration and stocking, enables quick handling of
customer orders.
KOED has long and positive business relations with leading logistics providers
Europe-wide (BRING, DHL, FEDEX etc.)
The customer gets the right part, quickly! 98% of all orders placed before 4 p.m. on
weekdays are handled and shipped the same day.


I buy everything for my all my BMW’s at KOED, as they have the best customer service,
a lot of parts in stock at the best price, and they always deliver quality parts, fast. If
they don’t have the desired part(s) in stock, they make a big effort to get it! The KOED
staff is very experienced in BMW, always friendly and focused on solutions.
Daniel Schlander (private customer)

We have a long and positive history of buying used BMW parts from KOED, as they
always deliver high quality parts on time. Their long experience with BMW and their
vast inventory ensure that we always get the right parts.
Ole Breinbjerg, Arne Poulsen Automobiler A/S (BMW Service Partner)

As an independent workshop, we truly appreciate the extensive knowledge the KOED
staff has on BMW. They always ensure next day delivery of quality parts, and we
always get the right parts when buying from KOED. They are competent, efficient
and professional, and KOED is the best supplier we have ever worked with.
Per Carstensen, Viborg Bilcenter ApS (independent workshop)

Whatever parts we need, KOED has them in stock, and we always get the right parts
on time. The guys at KOED are very professional and they ensure a constant supply
of high quality parts, and thereby helping us in maintaining our high level of customer
Jens Kjeldgaard, Ejvind Nielsen A/S (BMW Service Partner)

In my previous 12 years of employment as a Parts Manager at a major Danish BMW
dealership, I had the pleasure of purchasing parts from KOED.. I have only positive
things to say about the cooperation with KOED, as they were always very helpful and
friendly whenever I contacted them, and they almost always had the parts in stock I
needed. In the rare case of a wrong or defective part arrived, there was no discussion,
only a strict focus on getting a new part delivered to us, fast.
Klaus Winther

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